Vieques Tour Guide

An experienced Vieques tour guide that was born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jorge is a sportsman and avid traveler. Always wandering off the beaten path; from caving in the Americas, climbing in Peru, driving to the Arctic Circle and hitchhiking by boat through the Amazon, he has many stories to tell.

He studied computer engineering at Renseelaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), and received an MBA from Tulane University. After working as a computer programer for many years, he decided to turn his passion for the outdoors into his new venture.

Jorge has over 20 years of sailing experience, is a USCG Licensed Captain and has been certified by US Sailing as a Small Boat Instructor. Also, a Certified Lifeguard and Scuba Diver.

As your Vieques tour guide, Jorge will be your fellow adventurer showing and teaching you about the Vieques island that he loves.