Have questions?  Explore our FAQ and discover answers.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone. (787) 366-5202
Email. info@littleboatsailing.com

How old do children need to be to go sailing?
Children need to be at least 3 years old to go out with us.

Can children go snorkeling at the off shore reef?
It depends on the child’s ability and level of comfort in the water. We have had several 7 olds snorkel with ease at this reef.

If my children are too young to snorkel at the off shore reef, are there other options?
Yes, we have other two easier snorkeling options.

Do you provide transportation to my hotel?
No, we do not provide transportation. You must meet us at our tour meeting point at La Plata beach.

What if I do not have a rental car?
There are a few taxi drivers who will drive you to Playa La Plata.

What should I bring to the tour?
We always recommend bringing towels to dry off after snorkeling. In the winter months, we recommend bringing a windbreaker or long sleeve shirt for your children to wear after snorkeling. You are welcome to bring additional snacks or drinks.

What should I not bring to the tour?
Since Hobie Cats are open boats we pack everything in dry bags, thus we cannot fit suitcases, backpacks nor purses. We also discourage our clients from leaving valuables in their cars. Little Boat Sailing cannot store suitcases or bags, for we do not have a locale. There are no lockers inside Fish and Wildlife Reserve.

What about small valuables such as my cellphone?
We pack phones, wallets, car keys and small cameras in our dry bags.

If we are only visiting Vieques for the day, is it possible to go sailing with you?
Yes, you would have to take the morning ferry from Fajardo and arrange transportation to La Plata Beach. The ferry arrives in Vieques around 11:00 am. We recommend for our guests to eat lunch downtown. You will be sailing from 1-5 pm, and you can take the 6:00 pm ferry back to Fajardo.

Can we go out on a private tour?
Yes, contact us for pricing.